Origin and

The founding team of Witena Executive Search started its work in 2004 as an executive consulting firm specialising in recruiting and assessing leaders at board and top management levels.

International reach and a reputation for innovative work of exceptional quality

Based in Switzerland, we quickly established an international reach and a reputation for innovative work of exceptional quality. We evolved a distinctive business and pricing model, focused not on placement but on the long-term success of our candidates and clients.

We create sustainable value
for our clients

Today, in Witena Executive Search, we have added first-class leadership consulting capabilities to an already strong search group. We constantly adapt our services to our clients’ needs and maintain a perspective on the success and health of the organisation as a whole. We work in a discreet and professional manner, with a business model that is altogether unusual for an executive search firm. We create sustainable value for our clients.

The meaning of the word «Witena»

In Old English, the Witena signified a group of advisors and counsellors, a council of the wise. The Witenagemot was a gathering of elders to advise Saxon kings and help them decide on the direction of their kingdoms.

Witena – a clear aim

The partners of Witena Executive Search have a clear aim: to redefine performance in executive search and leadership consulting. In board and top management search, we analyse organisations, candidates and roles with unusual depth and richness. We support the client and the newly placed executive through the first twelve month of employment, not charging our full professional fee until that is successfully completed.

In leadership consulting, our experts work as trusted advisors to owners, entrepreneurs, top executives, boards and family councils, bringing a distinctive combination of leadership expertise and management experience to help them face the most challenging situations.