Leadership Due Diligence

In the run-up to company takeovers, mergers or MBOs, a due diligence review focuses on the positioning of the company, its financial and legal position, and the expected synergies and market potential. However, in many cases, the evaluation of the management team to be taken over is not carried out with the same level of care and attention. This is despite the fact that the prospects for success of the specified takeover target are, for the most part, determined by the quality and composition of the management team.

Witena’s tailored
«M&A Leadership Due Diligence»

Witena’s tailored “M&A Leadership Due Diligence” – where necessary, supplemented with the expertise of selected partner companies from the Witena network – creates an opportunity and risk assessment of the management team based on the questions raised by the M&A transaction:

  • What demands on the management team will be created by the new starting position, takeover objectives and corporate culture of the future owner? How do these correspond with the existing management competences?
  • Who are the key people and what are the dynamics within the management team?
  • When and how will the management team be confronted with the new ownership conditions? Have specific offers for key persons been worked out with regard to positions, creative and development opportunities, and remuneration levels?

With the “M&A Leadership Due Diligence”, the client receives an independent, consolidated assessment of the individual managers and the management team as a whole, which serves as a basis for the subsequent negotiation stages, leading to the successful long-term development of the company.

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