Executive Search

From our founding, the partners of Witena Executive Search have sought to do far more than complete executive search assignments of superb quality. Our goal is higher and more daring: we strive to create sustainable value for our clients.

Sustainable value for clients

To do that, we have created an innovative business model. We think it has redefined the concept of performance in executive search.

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An accurate match

Across all search firms, newly placed executives – even those who were stars in their previous firms – regularly fail to deliver on their expectations. Our track record is very different.

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Distinctive methodologies

To deliver a match that goes beyond technical qualifications, we have developed two powerful, proprietary methodologies for assessing candidates and analysing organisational cultures.

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Sector focus and expertise

Our consultants cannot deliver sustainable value for clients unless they understand their industries in a fundamental way, sensing market conditions and challenges, and having a direct view of “what great looks like” in each industry.

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Systematic integration

Before a search begins, we agree success objectives with the client – not just for the search, but for the newly-placed executive’s performance.

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