In his role as Senior Researcher at Witena, Dimitri Braendli significantly contributes to the execution of search assignments at executive management and senior management levels. His expertise spans a wide range of national and international markets, with a focus on the systematic selection of executives along customer-specific search strategies. His wealth of experience encompasses diverse positions and job profiles across various industries.

Internally at Witena, Dimitri is responsible for key projects involving technology, processes, and operational matters.

Prior to his employment at Witena, he spent over three years at the renowned global strategy consulting firm Boston Consulting Group, acquiring valuable expertise in consulting and project management.

Dimitri completed his education at the business-focused high school “Kantonsschule Hottingen”, followed by his studies in Business Administration with a focus on Business Information Technology at the ZHAW School of Management and Law in Zurich.

Privately, Dimitri also demonstrates a strong interest in technological matters, whether it’s assembling PCs or exploring new applications. As a counterweight to that, he enjoys engaging in sports activities, music, and nature exploration.