Board Consultation

Boards around the world are facing unprecedented pressures for effective governance and sustainable performance. In response, chairmen and their teams often seek external advice.

At Witena Executive Search, we serve as the trusted sparring partners of individual board members and entire boards

But the requirements of a board are very special. Trust between board and advisor, precise tailoring to the specific needs of a board, and complete frankness and discretion are essential if board performance is to improve.

At Witena Leadership Advisory, we serve as the trusted sparring partners of individual board members and entire boards, working with executive, supervisory and unitary boards as they work through change and uncertainty.

Our board consulting services draw heavily on years of experience in evaluating non-executive leaders, coaching and integrating new board members and helping boards deal with the complex challenges of succession.

This experience has also helped us build a deep and nuanced understanding of optimal board composition in a given setting: size, functional balance, role clarity, diversity and independence of members.

We help chairmen and boards reach best practices in governance, but we go far beyond this, working closely with them to foster a dynamic amongst board members that is open, trustful and biased toward action. The goal is always to help the group operate beyond the individual capabilities of its members.

Our tailored services include board assessments, where we observe the board at work as well as interviewing individual directors. This enables us not only to report to the board as a whole but also to provide counsel on individual effectiveness and to enhance collective learning.

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