Distinctive methodologies

To deliver a match that goes beyond technical qualifications, we have developed two powerful, proprietary methodologies for assessing candidates and analysing organisational cultures.

ETI™ – the Executive Talent Index

ETI™ allows everyone involved in a search to discuss a candidate’s qualifications using the same vocabulary. We developed it based on our experience in integrating newly placed executives. ETI™ provides deep insight into a candidate’s behavioural characteristics and ensures that every candidate, internal or external, is judged in the same way.

The system uses over 30 competencies, with behavioural indicators of each one identified and scaled. The scales reflect the intensity, completeness and complexity of expression of each competency.

This enables us to use competency-based interviews to create a precise assessment of the fit between a candidate’s capabilities and the requirements of the position. The resulting profile is useful not only for selection but also for career and succession planning, and for leadership development. Our clients have found ETI™ highly useful in predicting a candidate’s future performance.

Organisational Culture Analysis

Drawing on the work of Robert E. Quinn and Kim S. Cameron, we have developed a tool to identify a candidate’s preferred organisational culture and to compare this with the client organisation. This enables us to conduct a clear, open and precise discussion about the client’s organisational culture – the way it operates and behaves, collectively and individually, toward its stakeholders, as a market participant and as an employer. The analysis helps candidates and clients move beyond the usual vague and intuitive language about culture and to make mutual decisions about fit and likely future success.

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