Diversity & Inclusion

For some time now, the pace of globalisation, mobility and digitalisation, and demographic and social change has been accelerating, making the world we live in more diverse and complex. These far-reaching changes are placing ever-greater demands on an organisation’s ability to evolve and adapt, no matter what their size, international reach or market focus. That is where Diversity Management comes in: to realign personnel resources to the shifting requirements of the global economic environment.

Diversity and inclusion should therefore be a part
of the day-to-day organisational culture and
management expertise.

Against this backdrop, diversity and inclusion have become real management tasks with both opportunities and risks. What were once initiatives of selected progressive companies or open-minded management teams are now a strategic and operating necessity. In order to harness the potential of diversity, it is important to recognise and appreciate the variety of knowledge and experience offered by employees and to make the best possible use of the capacities for innovation, productivity and commercialisation that exist within the corporate world. Diversity and inclusion should therefore be a part of the day-to-day organisational culture and management expertise.

Witena is committed to fostering diversity at client companies and takes a holistic and integrative approach to its mission. Does the diversity within the supervisory committee and in corporate management bodies match the strategic vision and international market focus of the organisation, and thus cover the broadest possible spectrum of clients’ increasingly varied needs and expectations? Is the company’s diversity management integrated into employer branding, thus enhancing your appeal as an employer and attracting the right talent?

Witena sources from a wide yet targeted pool of candidates for each of its search mandates. In parallel with this, Witena systematically focuses on three key aspects of diversity:

Gender Diversity

«Gender diversity», which we use to meet the continued high demand for high-ranking female managers and establish corresponding talent pools from a functional and regional perspective as well as hold complementary training sessions on career planning.

Digital Diversity

«Digital Diversity», for which we identify managers for supervisory committees and corporate management bodies on a targeted basis, building a bridge between the “analogue” and “digital” worlds in order to drive forward organisations’ upcoming business transformations on a strategic and operational level.

Succession Planning

«Succession Planning» for selected management positions, which we use to provide companies with timely and customised support to set up the requisite talent pools.

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