Executive Coaching

The pace of change in organisations and the stresses of managing a large and dynamic firm can inhibit even the most talented executive from performing to the best of his or her capabilities.

Coaching, as we practice it, creates a safe and
entirely confidential environment

Because Witena Executive Search aims at far more than placing candidates, we provide a comprehensive range of leadership consulting services. These often begin with individual and group coaching. We have learned that coaching is especially valuable for the most senior executives in companies, and for leaders in family-owned enterprises that are going through transition or otherwise facing uncertainty.

Coaching, as we practice it, creates a safe and entirely confidential environment in which an executive can better understand his or her behavioural patterns and see how they impact personal and managerial effectiveness. We typically challenge executives to play out their understanding in scenarios, mirroring their thoughts as they work through complex business situations. The result is that senior executives become better leaders and more effective decision makers.

When a leadership team becomes dysfunctional, or even when it is failing to deliver performance that is more than the sum of its members’ capabilities, our clients often ask us to provide team coaching. These interventions are always highly tailored, but we typically focus on issues such as common goals, role expectations and transparency and candour within the team. The intent is always to build trust, enhance commitment and foster accountability – all essential ingredients in sustainable client value.

Whether for teams or individuals, coaching at Witena Executive Search is closely aligned with the particular situation of each individual, as well as the specific cultural, organisational and business challenges of the client firm. As a firm that developed in Switzerland, we have a natural sensitivity to cultural diversity. In many cases, we help executives build a deeper awareness of individual differences; we have learned that this strengthens them as team members and as leaders. Our consultants are multilingual, and they have worked in a wide range of geographic and cultural settings.

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