Where necessary, the effectiveness of succession planning at the company management level must be ensured. In addition to the targeted support of internal talent, it is also worth looking outside of the company:

Supplement succession planning –
at an early stage

In addition to the targeted support of internal talent, it is also worth looking outside of the company:

An ongoing comparison of existing management competences with those of companies in their competitive environment and in pioneering industries is of key importance.

We therefore believe that it is of strategic importance to supplement succession planning at an early stage and in a targeted manner with external people who possess outstanding performance records. As a Trusted Advisor, Witena guarantees selected top talent in the market for the development of a relationship of trust – whether this talent is employed within the country or overseas.

Our tailored solution is structured in the same way as the proven executive search process: Working in close cooperation with the management committees of the customer company, the first step is the identification of key positions and their requirement profiles in terms of the strategic direction.

Based on the resulting search strategy, potential individuals are then identified and, during the next phase, long-term relationships of trust are created and established. In our experience, managers have shown great interest in an informal meeting with an independent person they can trust. This enables the Witena consultant to gain an insight into their skills, interests and career plans.

That opens up additional room for manoeuvre for our client companies: Any interest in changing positions shown by the external managers within our focus of interest is identified at an early stage, creating the positive momentum needed to strengthen management capacities in a targeted manner where necessary. Where there is an urgent need following a sudden vacancy, qualified external individuals are available simultaneously and as an alternative to internal talent.

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